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The leading manufacturer in the field of eco-friendly specialty chemicals

Green Chemical


Green Chemical is one of the leading companies in the fine chemical field in Korea and putting efforts into providing every chemical solution for our customers to meet their needs.

Our plant is located in the western part of Korea, which is, Daesan petrochemical complex and has produced EOA since 1978. In 1992, Green Chemical succeeded in producing commercial production of ETA for the first time in Korea.
In 2008, we started to produce DMC which is used as the intermediate of Polycarbonate [PC], VOCs free solvent and electrolyte solvent for the second electric cell.
In 2014, Green Chemical moved to new business fields of special coating area with UV curable Acrylate Monomer [AM]. Regarding AM, we have developed special Hybrid Monomers to give hardness and high reflective index.
Customer satisfaction is our main commitment and goal. Green Chemical will be near you to fulfill your needs.