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SHE Management

We, Green Chemical Inc.,
will perform management activities based on trust to achieve growth and development together with society by placing highest priorities on safety, health, and environment.

Management for Safety, Health & Environment


Safety, Health, Environment (SHE) policy

Green Chemical Inc., under the recognition that SHE is a key element of managemen that supports the growths of the company and its stakeholders, pursues zero-accident and environment-friendly management. The executives and employees of our company, accordingly, are committed to growth and development together with society by complying with laws and regulations while performing their duties, and by establishing and operating SHE internal standards above the level required by the law.

Placing highest priority to management for safety and health; Continuous improvement of facilities and prevention activities for safety of workers, partners, and surrounding areas.

Determine environmental management as a core task; Environment conservation by reducing greenhouse gas and minimizing pollutants.

Prevention of loss in human, property and process by establishing safety culture, creating healthy and comfortable working environment, and controlling environmental pollution.

Transparent and sincere disclosure and communication of all SHE management activities to employees, partners, local residents, and customers.

Green Chemical Inc.,   CEO Junhwa Yang