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Acrylate Monomers (UV Curable materials)

Multifunctional Acrylate

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Multifunctional Acrylate

Chemical Name Multifunctional Acrylate

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KOMERATE Description Cas No. USA Europe (EINECS) Japan (MITI) China (IECSC) Key Features MSDS TDS
M003 DTMPTTA 94108-97-1 Excellent cure speed, good hardness, low irritation MSDS TDS
M004 PETTA 4986-89-4 Excellent hardness, excellent scratch resistance MSDS TDS
M004LQ PETTA 4986-89-4 Liquid type, excellent hardness, excellent scratch resistance MSDS TDS
M044 PE(EO)nTTA 51728-26-8 Fast cure speed, good chemical resistance, good scratch MSDS TDS
M005 DPPA 60506-81-2 Excellent surface hardness, good chemical resistance, good MSDS TDS
M006 DPHA 29570-58-9 Excellent surface hardness, excellent scratch resistance MSDS TDS
M006H DPHA 29579-58-9 Low migration, excellent surface hardness, excellent scratch MSDS TDS
M136 DPE(EO)13HA 104634-06-2 - - - Good hardness, scratch resistance, flexibility MSDS TDS
M246 DPE(EO)24HA 104634-06-2 - - - Scratch resistance, elasticity, flexibility MSDS TDS