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KONION PE-Series [EO-PO-EO Block Copolymer Type]

Chemical Name HO-(C2H4O)a(C3H6O)b(C2H4O)C-H [Block]

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Product Name Appear. (at 20℃) EO Ratio(%) M/W Cloud Point (℃) Viscosity (25℃, CPS) MSDS TDS
PE-15 Liquid 40 940 59 100 MSDS TDS
PE-52 Liquid 20 1700 30 300 MSDS TDS
PE-61 Liquid 10 2000 24 300 MSDS TDS
PE-62 Liquid 25 2500 27 400 MSDS TDS
PE-64 Paste 40 3200 59 - MSDS TDS
PE-68F Paste 80 8600 - - MSDS TDS
PE-71 Liquid 10 2100 21 350 MSDS TDS
PE-74 Paste 40 3100 70 - MSDS TDS
PE-91 Liquid 15 3100 36 550 MSDS TDS
PE-92 Liquid 25 3200 25 700 MSDS TDS
PE-101 Liquid 15 3800 52 700 MSDS TDS
PE-1020 Liquid 10 1300 25 190 MSDS TDS

KONION RP-Series [PO-EO-PO Block Copolymer Type]

Chemical Name HO-(C3H6O)a(C2H4O)b(C3H6O)C-H

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Product Name Appear. (at 20℃) EO Ratio(%) M/W Cloud Point (℃) Viscosity (25℃, CPS) MSDS TDS
RP-1050 Liquid 55 2000 68 450 MSDS TDS
RP-1840 Liquid 40 2600 43 650 MSDS TDS
RP-1924 Liquid 25 2000 36 400 MSDS TDS
RP-2420 Liquid 25 2600 27 650 MSDS TDS
RP-2520 Liquid 25 3000 31 650 MSDS TDS


KONION PE is a nonionic block copolymer of poly (oxyethylene, oxypropylene) glycol, and it is made by adding and impressing ethylene oxide, the hydrophilic group, on both ends of the hydrophobic group.
KONION PE is widely used as a surfactant and polyether for many industrial uses, and as it has a hydroxyl group(-OH) base, it is also put to use as a manufacturing synthetic resin such as polyurethane (PU) and polyester (PET).
In addition, it is possible to manufacture products with diverse molecular weights and HLB by controlling the degree of polymerization of propylene oxide and ethylene oxide, and this product has excellent properties as a surfactant with low foamability comparing to those which is made by fatty alcohol with high foamability.
KONION RP, on the contrary to KONION PE, is made by adding and impressing propylene oxide, a hydrophobic group, on both ends of a hydrophilic group. Especially, RP-2420 or 2520 with low ethylene oxide content has an excellent performance as an antifoaming agent, and it also has good performance as a humectant.
Most of them are specialized in the metal processing area as they give an excellent performance in metal cutting oil field.


① Synthetic resin industry
It is a detergent with low foamability and is used as a cleaning agent and antifoaming agent for clothes, furnitures, automobiles, oil tanks and machineries.
② Textile industry
Due to its an excellent penetrability, it is used as a dyeing auxiliary, a detergent for wool and anti-static agent for synthetic fabrics.
③ Cosmetics
It is used for deodorant, lotion, shampoo and toothpaste according to each respective purpose.
④ Metal cleaner
Due to its an excellent detergency and low corrosiveness on metals, it is used as an acidity detergent, alkaline detergent and spray detergent for metals.
⑤ Emulsifier & dispersant
Due to its outstanding emulsifiability and dispersibility, it is used as an emulsion dispersant for various paints and pigments, as an emulsion stabilizer, dispersant of pulp, and emulsifier for agricultural pesticides.
⑥ For synthetic resins
KONION PE in particular is used as a base material for polyurethane and polyester resin, plasticizer for phenol resin, and as an anti-static agent.