DimethylCarbonate (DMC)

DimethylCarbonate (DMC)
Structural formula dmc-img-2
Molecular formula C3H6O3
CAS No. 616-38-6
Freezing point 2 ~ 4˚C
Boiling point 90˚C
Flash point 18˚C
Molecular weight 90.08g/mol
The main characteristics of DMC is excellent solubility in benzene, xylene and toluene. Also it is eco-friendly chemical that can replace a hazardous organic solvent.
In addition, the applications of DMC are intermediate material of polycarbonate which is produced by Non-phosgene method, additive for improving the octane number of the vehicle and electrolyte of a secondary battery.


Properties Unit Specification
Appearance Visual Clear Colorless Liquid
Water Content % 0.05 Max
Purity % 99.50 Min
Methanol % 0.50 Max
Ethylene Carbonate % ND
  • intermediate material of polycarbonate
  • Paint and diluents for pigments
  • electrolyte of a secondary battery
  • Solvent for coating
  • Fuel additives
  • Organic Synthesis intermediates
  • Other organic solvent substitution